• How the UK’s Site Safety Plus System Improves Safety for All

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    September 7, 2017 /  Personal Product & Services

    The United Kingdom excels in many important ways, and some of these impact the lives of residents and visitors directly. From the many different approaches to job site safety that have been tried around the world, for example, that which has become the standard in the United Kingdom truly stands out. The Construction Industry Training Board that oversees the system has designed programs that apply to everyone from business leaders and job site managers to low-level workers themselves. The Site Safety Plus scheme has not only reduced the incidence of accidents, injuries, and damage at construction sites across the country, it has also created opportunities for businesses to take control and ensure that lapses will be rare.

    Of course, this only becomes possible when the training envisioned and described under the system is readily available. Fortunately, providers like Citrus Training make it easy to come up to speed with Site Safety Plus at any possible level. By emphasizing both accessibility and a range of other practical considerations, they help ensure that the full potential of the system can always be realized.

    Many regard informed, standards compliant site management as the true cornerstone of the scheme, and training options tend to reflect this in their variety and extent. Some providers offer Site Safety Plus site management courses in a number of different formats, in order to accommodate as many conceivable situations and needs as possible. While some managers will prefer to work through the entire course in a single stint of study, others will find that having it broken up into a number of different sessions will make things much easier. Likewise will those who only need a basic refresher find that providers are ready to ensure that the necessary knowledge and skills remain at their command.

    Of course, even the most attentive and best informed site manager can only accomplish so much. Workers must also be equipped with an appropriate level of safety awareness, even for those whose duties will not necessarily implicate specific dangers like working at height or in confined spaces. The Site Safety Plus Health and Safety Awareness course has proved to be an excellent way of imparting this important knowledge in a convenient fashion.

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