• Rompers and Jumpsuits Can Easily Go from Simple to Sexy

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    July 18, 2017 /  Clothing & Fashion

    These styles of clothing are comfortable, easy to care for, and offer a variety of looks. They are commonly categorized together because the only difference is the length. Jumpsuits, either one or two piece, are longer with the pant legs ranging from below the knee to the floor. Rompers are shorter and can stop at the knee or mid to upper thigh.

    Endless Options

    The vast amount of options for rompers and jumpsuits are a testament to their popularity. Women of all sizes and body types look amazing in these styles. Most cuts and prints are flattering on everyone. Styles can be as revealing or conservative as each women prefers. Personality is reflected in the style chosen.

    Variations for the top portion include sleeves of all lengths, halters, off the shoulders, spaghetti straps, strapless, and off one shoulder. The waist section may be fitted, belted, or loose. Some are elastic for easy dressing. Leg cuts can be wide and flowing, slightly tapered, A-line, or tight to the skin.

    The choice of material also has an impact on the look and fit. Silk will flow nicely and add femininity to the clothing. Cotton will be ideal to keep cool in the summer while running errands, meeting friends for lunch, or hosting a barbecue in the back yard. Heavier fabrics, such as denim or fleece, are perfect for fall and winter.


    Solid colors, floral, geometrical shapes, and pinstripes can go from simple during the day to formal and sexy when the sun goes down. That navy blue romper appears basic at the office, but can be sexy at the nightclub in a matter of a few minutes. Put on a pair of heels, unbutton those top two buttons, and change jewelry pieces for a quick and stunning party outfit.

    Fun patterns are also available for a day at the park, shopping at the mall, or going on vacation. Sandals, flats, and even sneakers go well with a romper or jumpsuit. Add a hat and sunglasses for a trendy and young look. Any size and type of purse, backpack, or tote can be used while wearing either style. A care-free yet eye-catching article of clothing is essential for every wardrobe.

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