• Are No Fee Tickets a Better Deal?

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    July 14, 2017 /  Sports & Athletics

    When searching for tickets to concerts, sporting events, and even the movies, consumers want to find the best deal. They may search through multiple sites to find the lowest price and then immediately make the purchase. Unfortunately, it’s important to take a closer look at the purchase price and the fees associated with the purchase. Many times the initial cost of a ticket can be deceiving, causing a consumer to pay much more than necessary to get into an event.

    Hidden Fees

    Today, there are hidden fees just about everywhere. No matter what is being purchased, it isn’t unusual to see things like an administration fee or a processing fee. Tickets to events are no different. Many websites offer up tickets at a discounted rate, but make up for the cost by adding fees in that quickly escalate the prices. What a person may have assumed was a great deal is actually costing a lot more because of those fees. When buying tickets online, be sure to take a closer look at all of the costs associated with the purchase.

    Skipping the Fees

    Some sites offer No Fee Tickets. The price listed for a ticket is the actual price, without any modifications being made when checkout comes around. Consumers often skip over these sites unintentionally because they assume that the higher price isn’t competitive with other sites listing the same type of tickets. However, when the fees are calculated in, tickets that don’t have fees are often the better deal. People could be missing out on the opportunity to pay less for tickets online.

    Getting the Best Deal

    How can a person get the best deal when it comes to tickets online? Ideally, different sites should be compared. But don’t just look a the initial price for the two types of sites. When using a site that charges fees, go through the entire process, without going ahead with the purchase. Get to the point when all of the costs are added in and the total price is presented. Then, check out a no fee site and compare the two costs. You might be surprised to learn that the site that doesn’t charge fees is actually cheaper, despite having the higher initial cost.

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